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Black Ice LPD Print Manager Icon
Communicate with network print server on TCP port 515 Line Printer Remote/Line Printer Daemon.
Black Ice LPD Print Manager Server Icon
Receive and print files from UNIX, Linux, MAC, and Windows via TCPIP.
Genialist Media Server Icon
Organize, sort, access, and stream all your media files on your home network and beyond.
Ability Mail Server Icon
Host your own mail server featuring SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, WebMail, LDAP, spam filtering, and antivirus.
Print Job Manager Icon
Manage, control, monitor, track, count, audit, quota, restrict, log, report user printing.
WampServer (64-Bit) Icon
Create Web applications and manage your server and databases.
Print2RDP Icon
Print on your local PC printer from Microsoft/Citrix terminal servers.
Xlpd Icon
Receive and process print jobs from remote servers.